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About Us

  • Identify youth at highest risk; 

  • Align services for youth and their families;

  • Support neighborhood programs and providers; 

  • Measure impact and progress;

  • Leverage community resources for the benefit of TFC’s stakeholders and constituents;  and

  • Identify and develop relevant best practices.

Together for Children (TFC) is a preventative approach to break the cycle of youth violence in Miami-Dade. It is the long-term sustainable strategy to address the root causes of youth violence. Together for Children is a neighborhood-driven community coalition of governmental, public, private, and not-for profit entities in Miami-Dade working hand-in-hand to: 

TFC Quick Facts

  • 6 Neighborhood Coalitions 

  • 3000 Community stakeholders engaged in plan development 

  • 200+ Community-based partner organizations 

  • 10,500+ Elementary & K-8 students served with comprehensive approach to increase school attendance 

  • 5 One Stop Centers serving all of Miami-Dade County with wrap-around support services 

  • 1500+ Middle school-aged students and their families offered case management services 

Where did we start?

Together for Children is a long-term solution – Not a quick fix, but a sustainable effort that we all believe can have the true impact. Together for Children has moved through various phases over the last three years.

Quick Facts
How has this been Achieved?  
The Road to Collective Impact 

Approaching solutions to a complex community issue has been acknowledged and researched by Stanford Social Innovation Review over the course of 8 years; Institutions like the Aspen Institute are also investing in supporting collective approach to work. The Annie Casey Foundation has invested in the development of collective impact models across the country and have recently acknowledged TFC as the model that will structure their investments in Liberty City. The Boston Consulting Group also acknowledged in a white paper nationally published in 2018 that the work being done with TFC is a promising national model.  


We have used the best practices of collective impact in the development of Together for Children including:


  • Designed and implemented Together for Children with a priority placed on equity

  • Six plans were customized for local context by neighborhood stakeholders

  • Established a culture that fosters relationships, trust, and respect across participants

  • Agreed upon shared intent and purpose

  • Agreed upon concept of mutual accountability including use of data to continuously learn, adapt, and improve

  • Established consistent and open communication among participants

  • Coordinated by a “backbone” facilitation

Together for Children - Logo - Full Colo
Board of Trustees
Together for Children - Logo - Full Colo

Advisory Committee

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