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TFC Funders

Together for Children - Logo - Full Colo

Together for Children coalitions work collaboratively to seek out funding that will bolster and extend the

reach and impact of the mission of protecting and empowering our youth.

The Children's Trust is a dedicated source of revenue derived from property taxes, established by voter referendum in 2002. Our mission is to partner with the community to plan, advocate for and fund strategic investments that improve the lives of all children and families in Miami-Dade County. We envision a community that works together to provide the essential foundations to enable every child to achieve their full potential… Because All Children Are Our Children.

Established in 1967, The Miami Foundation is the foundation for people who are passionate about Miami. We’ve partnered with individuals, families and corporations who have created more than 1,000 personalized, philanthropic Funds. Thanks to them and their generosity, the Foundation has awarded over $250 million in grants. Today, we manage more than $300 million to address the community’s needs now for a more resilient tomorrow.

Miami-Dade County Office of Management and Budget's Grants Coordination has launched the new Grant Opportunities Portal. The grant portal has been redesigned based on extensive user feedback and is designed to meet the growing needs of local nonprofits, small businesses, governmental organizations, and local residents.


We’re an innovative nonprofit that gathers and analyzes data, shares it worldwide, and empowers people like you to understand and increase philanthropy’s ability to improve the world.

 A grant is a way the government funds your ideas and projects to provide public services and stimulate the economy. Grants support critical recovery initiatives, innovative research, and many other programs listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

A grant is one of many different forms of federal financial assistance. Federal financial assistance is a broad term to refer to the various ways the U.S. government redistributes resources to eligible recipients. On you will find grant and cooperative agreement opportunities from federal agencies that award grants.

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