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TFC Framework

Together for Children is a coalition focused on driving collective impact.  Together for Children does not provide direct services.  It is intended to align work at the neighborhood and countywide levels; define and secure supports for collective priorities; and measure mutual progress.   


Together for Children’s long-term, preventative approach for addressing the root causes of youth violence incorporates the priorities and action items through actionable neighborhood work plans.



Priority #1 - Strengthening Families

●  Increase caregiver awareness of neighborhood resources and services for children and families  

●  Increase caregiver engagement and involvement in quality family activities

●  Increase primary caregiver engagement and involvement in activities related to their child’s educational needs

●  Develop parent outreach and service coordination model

●  Develop parent leadership and advocacy training programs  

Priority #2 - Empowering Youth

●  Increase equitable access to high-quality, out-of-school enrichment activities and afterschool programs for youth, ensuring prioritization of academic success and literacy

●  Increase youth internships and employment         opportunities

●  Implement high quality mentoring programs

●  Increase quality early learning opportunities for children ages 0-5

Priority #3 - Protecting Youth

●   Support increased attendance and positive behaviors in youth

●   Provide coordinated, wraparound support for our most vulnerable youth

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