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What has been achieved thus far? 


  • We have come to consensus with our anchor partners and across 6 neighborhoods on key priorities: Strengthening Families; Empowering Youth and Protecting Youth.

  • All have agreed upon the importance a common approach and collaborating across neighborhoods with anchor institutions.  

  • All have agreed upon decision making protocols that have been developed with community stakeholders. 

  • All have agreed that we are all accountable to solutions and will determine how we will be reporting progress to inform a countywide accountability process. 

  • All six neighborhoods have integrated the Together for Children  Referral/Family case management process in the neighborhood action plans.


  • Coalitions supporting each other across neighborhoods building and the benefits of it. 

  • Anchors are integrated in action plans and supporting all neighborhoods as  partners not just from a  program by program perspective.  

  • In the development of the action plans, we are regularly determining/assessing gaps in services and identifying opportunities on how coalitions  can advocate collectively.  

  • Small service providers and/or residents (who often times have a greater understanding of neighborhoods) are now working with larger entities and anchors which in turn builds their capacity to advocate for their neighborhood’s needs.   


  • When initially launched there were reservations and distrust from the community about the use of data about regarding children and families. 

  • Through Together for Children, consensus on approach to accountability at the neighborhood level and the countywide level has been achieved.   

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